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Welcome! If you’re a parent, teacher, or leader who is concerned about the future of the “digital generation,” you’re not alone. Although technological advances in the past decade have skyrocketed productivity and educational opportunities, they’ve also created huge challenges as families and kids learn to navigate very real dangers online. We started Parents Who Fight to give parents the tools they need to not only become educated on issues like online pornography, social media, and sexting, but also to help them become vigilant in fighting against the negative effect these things can have on their kids’ healthy futures. This is the fight of our lives. Our kids need our leadership, wisdom, and training to become the champions and leaders of our nation’s future!


“The Parents Who Fight presentation is one that all parents must see!  They do an effective job communicating the urgency of why we need to protect our kids while online. I left this workshop with strategies and resources to immediately start fighting the battle in my home. – Chad High, Principal, Granbery Elementary / Brentwood, TN

“After attending a Parents Who Fight workshop, I walked away so energized!  Instead of being fearful, I was excited to start conversations with my kids and I felt like I had taken a huge step in helping them by educating myself!  I can’t thank Parents Who Fight enough for doing what they are doing and being passionate about a topic that so many people shy away from, but has a huge impact on our kids.  Talking about what’s out there empowers me as a mom to love my kids well, talk with them, and not be afraid.  I am excited to link arms with Parents Who Fight and families in my community to help “protect our kids by preparing them!” – Sally, mom of 3

“We recently hosted a Parents Who Fight Night at our church and it was awesome! Our parents LOVED it. Jesse and Sarah did a fantastic job presenting the problem that our families face and the need to go to battle for our kids.  Their material was engaging, easy-to-follow, and challenging. We are so thankful for their ministry and that they were able to come and share. We are already planning another, larger event!” – Patrick Nix, Children’s Pastor, The Church at Grace Park / Whitehouse, TN