Why YouTube Has Us Seeing Red

Okay, YouTube… now we’re just plain MAD. In your new “experience” (translated to… updated interface) you REMOVED the lock on Restricted Mode. That means that any kid can just go up and turn Restricted Mode off with a toggle switch. Do you have any parents who work there? Have you forgotten how much pornography is on your ginormous server? Did you forget how many millions, billions, and trillions of kids are going to your site every day?

Once upon a time, due to helpful videos like THIS, I had a sliver of hope that perhaps you were growing in your care and concern for the safety of families and protecting kids from raunchy material. However, with your NEW “experience” you have rendered Restricted Mode completely useless, and I can only assume from your lack of commentary about it that you actually, legitimately don’t give a rip.

FOR PARENTS: Here is the workaround we found for now:

First of all, if you get prompted to update to YouTube’s “Fresh New Look” just say NO. If you do this, you’ll lose your Restricted Mode lock option.

If you have already updated to this new “experience,” your settings are in the top right, and once you click on the profile icon, scroll down to the bottom.

Underneath the part where you can turn Restricted Mode ON, simply click on “Restore old You Tube.” This will take you BACK to the OLD, “LESS FRESH” look that will actually keep Restricted Mode LOCKED.  L  O  C  K  E  D!!!!


When you click “Restore to old YouTube” PLEASE  P L E A S E  let them know the reason why. They’ll suggest several reasons, but click on “My reason is not listed” so you can type WHY you’re going back to the old. BECAUSE THEY TOOK AWAY THE RESTRICTED MODE LOCK.

Also, as always, please remember that any YouTube app on mobile devices already DOES NOT have a lock for Restricted Mode.  The YouTube Kids app is a waaaaayyyy better solution for safe kid-friendly videos!

You can watch our video rant about this issue here:

3 thoughts on “Why YouTube Has Us Seeing Red

  1. Ayme says:

    Great post~YouTube is the hardest thing to manage for teenagers! And sadly, YouTube kids doesn’t show the videos they want to see at this age (skateboarding, sarcasm, etc.) Parents with teens are struggling to find a balance. 🙁

    If there was a way to filter the regular YouTube app, or in-browser site, it would help so many families. I think YouTube is the only thing kids really care about for innocent entertainment on the Internet. And I think parents are mostly concerned about pornography at their age. It’s so tricky!

    1. You’re so right! We need a brilliant parent (one who has a moral compass) to create a procured YouTube repository site of content that is not objectionable but not preschool-ish. Someone brilliant get on this asap!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Love your work Sarah! I will share this again and again.

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