As parents, we need tips on tech to keep our families safe online! We’re busy with life, but we must get up to speed on devices and apps in order to be equipped for the battle and have healthy boundaries for our family.  We want our kids to look to us as the experts in guiding their life into healthy adulthood. It’s hard work, but worth it!

We will continue to add to this resource page as we go, but here are some great places to start getting good tips:


FREE Things You Can Do in 15 minutes To Protect Kids Online

1. Safe Search Features

2.  YouTube Restricted Mode – Click here for instructions;  or YouTube Kids App. (Please beware that Restricted Mode is easily turned OFF if on mobile devices if your kid knows how. This setting is not password protected in mobile versions, unfortunately!)

3. – Search engine with built in explicit filters made specifically for kids.

4.  Kiddle.coSafe visual search engine that filters through the power of REAL people who have edited age-inappropriate material OUT.

5.  Set up Parental Controls on Devices & Apps:

Getting Device-Specific – Helpful Links with instructions & tutorials:

Covenant Eyes This Accountability & Filtering software has tremendous tech tutorials on a ton of subjects, specifically with busy parents in mind.

Protect Young Minds – This organization produced one of our favorite resources of all times, “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.” It’s an illustrated book designed to help you teach even young children how to avoid the danger of pornography, all in age-appropriate language.


Have you ever tried to read your teens text messages,
only to get frustrated with all the “Short Code Language”?

We have a list of “Messaging Acronyms” all parents should be aware of:
CLICK HERE for our list.


Also see our ALLIES PAGE for more helpful organizations who are in the fight!

Please send us your thoughts & questions through our contact page, on these tips and anything else related to protecting kids online!

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