Messaging Acronyms

Here’s a list of messaging acronyms we highly recommend parents get familiar with.  They are used by teens and tweens for texting/sexting, and in various messenger applications.  Please be aware, some of these may be shocking to you. This is not necessarily a comprehensive or exhaustive list, but it definitely covers many of the acronyms often used in sexting and attempts to hide the content of massages from parents. This new shorthand for sexting or soliciting elicit photos or content is used by predators as well as teens, which means parents need to know them too. You can find some good resources for monitoring your teens’ devices, apps, and messages on our TIPS page.  You can also find many lists like this elsewhere online, we just felt it would be helpful to have one here on our site as well. We will continue to add to it as new acronyms are discovered, but you can let us know if we missed any by using our CONTACT page.

IWSN – I want sex now
GNOC – Get naked on camera
NIFOC – Naked/Nude in front of computer
CU46 – See you for sex
53X – Sex
PIR – Parent in room
CD9 – Code 9/Parents around
9 – Parent watching
99 – Parent gone
P911 – Parent Alert
PAL – Parents Are Listening
PAW – Parents Are Watching
PIR – Parent In Room
POS – Parent Over Shoulder -or- Piece Of Sh**
MOS – Mom Over Shoulder
1174′ – Party meeting place
THOT – That hoe over there
CID – Acid (the drug)
Broken – Hungover from alcohol
420 – Marijuana
SUGARPIC – Suggestive or erotic photo
KOTL – Kiss on the lips
(L)MIRL – Let’s meet in real life
PRON – Porn
TDTM – Talk dirty to me
8 – Oral sex
IPN – I’m posting naked
LH6 – Let’s have sex
WTTP – Want to trade pictures?
DOC – Drug of choice
TWD – Texting while driving
GYPO – Get your pants off
KPC- Keeping parents clueless
1337 – Elite
143 – I love you
182 – I hate you
459 – I love you
1174 – Nude club
ADR – Address
ASL – Age/Sex/Location
Banana – Penis
DUM – Do You Masturbate?
DUSL – Do You Scream Loud?
FB – F*** Buddy
MPFB – My Personal F*** Buddy
FMLTWIA – F*** Me Like The Whore I Am
FOL – Fond of Leather
IAYM – I Am Your Master
IF/IB – In the Front -or- In the Back
IIT – Is It Tight?
ILF/MD – I Love Female/Male Dominance
IMEZRU – I Am Easy, Are You?
J/O – Jerking Off
KFY -or- K4Y – Kiss For You
Kitty – Vagina
MOOS – Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOSS – Member(s) Of The Same Sex
MorF – Male or Female
NALOPKT – Not A Lot Of People Know That
NMU – Not Much, You?
Q2C – Quick To Cum
RU/18 – Are You Over 18?
RUH – Are You Horny?
S2R – Send To Receive
SorG – Straight or Gay
WYCM – Will You Call Me