There are incredible resources available to parents who want to learn more about protecting their kids from online dangers. Parents Who Fight was born out of a desire to connect parents and families to the many organizations who are already doing tremendous work. We share a lot of their content on social media, but we’ve also listed them below for you.


National Center on Sexual Exploitation –

Helping to synergize the anti-pornography movement on all fronts, and leading the charge when it comes to national campaigns and policy changes.


Fight the New Drug –

Anti-pornography organization aimed specifically at young people. They build awareness, provide research, and offer a recovery app called “Fortify.”


Protect Young Minds –

This organization produced one of our favorite resources of all times, “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.” It’s an illustrated book designed to help you teach even young children to watch out for the dangers of pornography, all in age-appropriate language.


Above The Fray –

Above The Fray educates parents and teachers about what life is really like online for young people, and to give adults the tools they need to begin meaningful dialogues at home and at school.



Christian Organizations

My Secure Family –

This incredibly helpful parent portal was created by the founders of Undone Redone and houses exclusive tips, articles, and videos to protect your kids online.


Purity Works –

Especially strong resources for younger children (and their parents) to learn the building blocks of life-long purity. Led by Jennie Bishop, author of Princess and the Kiss and Squire and the Scroll.


Dirty Girls Ministries –

DGM offers unique resources and support for females struggling with porn addiction, including a 90-days to Wholeness program and a Whole Women’s Weekend retreat.



Protect Young Eyes –

Protect Young Eyes exists to keep kids and teens safe from the dangers lurking on portable, Internet-ready devices. They train parents and students to fight against the tidal wave of pornography.


Covenant Eyes –

Covenant Eyes provides low-cost filtering, blocking, and accountability software to help your whole family stay safe online.




Filtering/Monitoring – Sites & Apps:

Teen Safe –

Covenant Eyes –

X3Watch –

NetSanity –

Mama Bear –

NetNanny –